Who are we ?

Jean, our culture manager

Watching over and tending to his vines throughout the seasons, Jean is just as involved with the vatting and vinification work come harvest time; he is literally everywhere at once!

There are no fixed hours and no let up for him during this very busy time of year; down in the vineyards with the pickers at dawn, then back in the winery busy punching down the caps and pumping over the musts until late into the night! “What a funny job, you spend a whole year pampering the vines just for this moment! Will our wine live up to our hopes and expectations? It’s make or break time!” And much of it depends on him!

Céline, our sales & export manager

Celine is passionate about wine and loves her job. She will tell you all about the Domaine’s wines with great conviction! Whether she is in France or abroad, her strength is her passion and her passion is her strength!

“What I love most is talking to people and sharing the pleasure of wine drinking! What makes me happy? Having people discover the aromas and flavours … from the first sip, the wine tells us its story, the work in the vineyards, its terroir, the vagaries of nature, the hopes and doubts of the vintage and the wine, the method of winemaking … That’s why I like having people taste a wine! It allows it to relate its story!”

And then, of course, there’s Gérard… the owner !

As someone who feels duty-bound to try to preserve history and all things of beauty; he could not bring himself to see the estate “broken up and sold”… As he himself likes to say, “So much history lives in this place, if only the walls could talk, they have been silent witnesses to life on the estate since the time of Louis XIV to the present day! What events and secrets they could recount today!

He is a tireless worker and wants to be available to everyone and involved in all the work…

Enchanted by the rhythms of nature, he has taken to this country life like a duck to water, You would think that Mont Verrier is his passion and that his attorney’s gown represents his sense of duty and justice… even if, at first glance, these two leanings would appear to be contradictory



Soil enriched with organic fertilizers and manure​




Label HVE



grassy vines


grape varieties

Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Gamay

Découvrez la fabuleuse histoire du domaine et la région des Pierres Dorées