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Tradition meets modernity

The Domaine du Mont Verrier is a vatage equipped with new technologies since it was completely renovated during the years 2017-2018 and the old stables gave way to thermoregulated vats with a view to perfect temperature control during winemaking. The punching down and pumping over have also been automated. Next to this modern vat room, we also find a historic cellar located under the main residence, today equipped with around forty barrels of different toasts. The majority of these barrels are 400 liter demi-muids and around ten 228 liter Burgundian barrels, all coming from coopers in the region and made from French oak. It is in these barrels that we age our most emblematic vintages for our vintages, as well as our Burgundy wines. This cellar, which is accessed from the house via a narrow stone staircase, shaped by time, is a witness to the past and the wine-growing tradition of the Domaine. It formerly housed three old tuns of 50hl each, probably built on site and playmates of an old manual press more than a century old that you can still observe during your visit.

To prolong your enjoyment

A unique wine tour

We will give you an insight into the different stages of the vinification process in a tour of the winery, from the time the grapes are harvested at perfect maturity right through to the time the wines are bottled, the last stage of a winemaking process during which the grapes underwent two fermentations under the watchful eye of the oenologist and the cellar master.

The tour ends with a wine tasting in the orangerie or on the patio. You can then take the walkway that leads to the orchards where you will find our ampelography collection comprising over 200 different varietals.

The guided tour of our winery will soon be available, subject to reservation, at a price of €5 per person (free for children under 13). The tour is included in our tasting packages.



Soil enriched with organic fertilizers and manure​




Label HVE



grassy vines


grape varieties

Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Gamay

Vous appréciez le vin et souhaitez découvrir la richesse des terroirs du Beaujolais et de la Bourgogne septentrionnale ?

Vous appréciez le vin et souhaitez découvrir la richesse des terroirs du Beaujolais et de la Bourgogne septentrionale ?