Life on the Estate

Days punctuated by the seasons

For example, in the spring and summer, when we start early in the morning, we like to enjoy a cup of coffee and breath in the fresh morning air before we all set off for the vineyards to work those fast-growing vines

The rain might fall and the wind might blow, but this does not deter us from carrying out most of our work outdoors. We have no choice as the pruning work keeps us busy from November to the end of March. Of course, we do sometimes escape from the bad weather when we need to bottle the wine, pack the cases, prepare the orders, or carry out some mechanical tasks.

Whatever we are doing, the midday lunch break is always very welcome as our work is very demanding!

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A delectable breakfast
for our guests

Meanwhile, Edith has left early for the boulangerie in Saint Julien to pick up the still-warm baguettes and croissants. Back at Mont Verrier, she gets out the brioche and vanilla sponge that she has made as a treat for the guests. … Now she is going to make a fruit salad with the fruit picked from the orchard the day before, and then place the homemade jams and fresh bread on the table… The delicious aroma of the morning coffee is wafting through the premises and already our first guests have come down for breakfast, warmly greeted by Edith keen to ensure that their day gets off to a delectable start!


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Menus based on the fruit
and veg grown on the estate

There are always many jobs to be done on the estate…  when in season, we have to pick the fruit we use to make the jams and desserts for our Table d’Hôtes meals. While our guests relax by the swimming pool, Georges will be busy picking or digging up the vegetables requested by Edith for the menu she has decided upon for dinner that evening. She herself goes out into the orchard to pick whatever fruit is in season, maybe cherries, or figs, and sometimes lovely bunches of grapes from the ampelographic collection, a treat for the guests…


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Unforgettable moments

The day draws to a close, the sun sinks behind the hill, it becomes cooler under the cedar tree, and it is time for us to relax, have a chat and a glass of one of the estate’s wines… this ritual is always very welcome after the hot day and the hard work. Aromas are now wafting from the kitchen and the tables, dressed in white tablecloths, are set out on the terrace. What delightful dishes has Edith concocted for us? Come sit at our table and you will find out!


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The good life!

Gerard has finally joined us, he has had a busy day, going through his case files or doing his thing at the “Palais de Justice” in Lyon. After he has greeted our guests, he inhales the lovely, relaxing aromas of the night falling over the garden, when the flowers are giving off their last perfumes – life is sweet at Mont Verrier!


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